| Champion calling card is a Permanent PIN card with refill feature and PIN free access option. |
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Champion calling card

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Champion calling card
Lehed.com is dedicated to provide long distance phone card services like international phone cards and prepaid calling cards with best rates and quality connection. Our International calling cards offer the lowest rates for calling to many countries which provide more minutes than ever before.

Now we offer, prepaid phone card Champion.

Champion phone card is a Permanent PIN card with Refill feature and PIN free access option. Low calling rates to many countries with high quality connection. Local Access numbers are available in addition to Toll Free Access. Use Local Access numbers in your area and get the cheapest rates!

Champion phone card features:
  • Value: 10,15,20,30,50,100,250$
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Rounding - 1 minute
  • Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
  • Local Access Numbers - Yes (Russia)
  • Tax - 15%
  • Pay Phone Charge - 89c
  • Validity period - Unlimited (Card expired if no refill within 6 months.)
  • Prompt Languages - English
  • International Access - this card can be used from USA - Continental
Permanent PIN features:
  • PIN Free Access! Register your phone number with the card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the Access number, and You don't need to enter a hard-to-remember PIN! Register up to 6 different phone numbers to one account.
  • Refill pin the card at any time (add more funds).
  • Buy Champion card / Get Champion card rates / Champion dialing instructions

    Order your calling card today and start saving on your domestic and
    international long distance calls immediately.

    Best Champion card rates:

    Australia - 2.4 ¢/min
    Canada - 1.9 ¢/min
    China - 2.3 ¢/min
    Czech Rep. - 2.9 ¢/min
    Hong Kong - 2.3 ¢/min
    Mexico-Monterey - 2.9 ¢/min
    Moldova - 9.5 ¢/min
    Netherlands - 2.4 ¢/min
    New Zealand - 3.5 ¢/min
    Russia - Moscow - 1.9 ¢/min
    Singapore - 2.8 ¢/min
    UK - 2.4 ¢/min

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